Programma #AsitaAcademy2023
 /  Programma #AsitaAcademy2023


18th and 20th December, online event

Video 18th December part 1

Video 18th December part 2

Video 20th December 


Session 1 – Geomatics for Natural Hazards and Risks I (18th December 2023, h 9:00 – 11:00)

Chairs: Paola Zamperlin, Enrico Borgogno Mondino

1. Next Pandemic Preparedness: A Focus on Health Data Standardization and Readiness for Spatial Enablement, (Rocca, Casella)

2. A land monitoring service for local public administrations: the IRIDE EOS4LPA Lot 3 project, (Aiello, Massimi, Taggio, Borrelli, Laurino, Filippi, Decaro, Lo Zito, D’Aranno, Marsella, Quattrociocchi, Brunetti, Casucci)

3. The Italian National Fire and Rescue Service activity in forest fires: the event in Montegrino Valtravaglia, (lorusso, Vazzano)

4. Technological innovation in Emergency Technical Rescue: The deployment of CNVVF UAS to support the Director of Forest Fire Fighting Operations, (lorusso, Feliziani)

5. Measuring land deformation through PSI technique in NE Sardinia (Italy): Roads to Einstein Telescope, (Dessì, Melis)


Session 2 – Geomatics for Natural Hazards and Risks II (18th December 2023, h 11:15 – 13:00)

Chairs: Francesco Pirotti, Antonio Ganga

1. A multi-scale approach to detect geomorphological hazard in a post-fire scenario: A case study in Sardinia (Central Mediterranean), (Murgia, Putzolu, Lovreglio, Ganga)

2. Towards a spatial decision support system for hydrogeological risk mitigation in railway sector, (Varra, Cozzolino, Della Morte, Tartaglia, FIDUCCIA, Agostino, Zammuto)

3. Platform prototype for the prediction of landslide susceptibility through a 4D WebGIS equipped with Cellular Automata and Neural Networks, (Barrile, Cotroneo, Genovese)

4. A Low-Cost Three-Camera Photogrammetric System for Training Students in Physical Simulation od Shallow Landslides, (Eskandari, Perfetti, Scaioni, Gonzalez Ovalle)

5. Sen4MUN: a prototypal service for the distribution of contributions to the European municipalities from Copernicus satellite imagery. A case in Aosta Valley (NW Italy), (Orusa, Cammareri, Freppaz, Vuillermoz, Borgogno-Mondino)


Session 3 – Geomatics and Sustainable Development I (20th December 2023, h 9:00 – 11:00)

Chairs: Filiberto Chiabrando, Fabio Giulio Tonolo

1. SINFI – Consorzio dei Comuni della Provincia di Bolzano, technology and methodological approach for the translation and delivery of South Tyrolean data, (Scepi, Coainiz, Berger, Putzer, Gummerer, D’Orio)

2. The QGIS platform for LABMET Observatory. The experience of the Metropolitan City of Cagliari (MCC), (Fenu, Talu)

3. The Digital Twin of the Metropolitan Area of Milan: quality assessment of aerial and terrestrial data, (Franzini, Casella, Monti)

4. On the Role of Geomatics and Official Regional Cartography in the Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem, (Maset, Visintini, Beinat)

5. Biodiversity-proof Energy Communities in the Urban Planning of Italian Inner Municipalities, (Marra)


Session 4 – Geomatics and Sustainable Development II – (20th December 2023, h 11:15 – 13:00)

Chairs: Andrea Fiduccia, Michele Grimaldi

1. Monitoring and forecasting land cover dynamics using remote sensing and geospatial technology, (Vitale, Salvo)

2. Assessment of the vertical accuracy of satellite-based glacier monitoring. The Rutor Glacier in Italy, (Macelloni, Cina, Giulio Tonolo, Morra di Cella)

3. Comparison between the vegetation indices obtained from Sentinel-2 and Planet: a case study over a rice farm in Northern Italy, (Baldin, Casella)

4. Classification of water in an urban environment by applying OBIA and fuzzy logic to very high-resolution satellite imagery, (Perregrini, Casella)

5. GIS Analysis for urban “anti-fragility” to climate change (Seravalli, Caselli, Lugli, Bologna, Giorgi, Galeotti, Magurno)

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