Below are the main topics and applications that will be covered during the conference


1. Artificial Intelligence in Geomatics (GeoAI).
2. New sensors, platforms and products in Remote Sensing
3. Sensors, platforms and algorithms for processing photogrammetric data
4. Indoor and outdoor positioning, navigation, and operational geodesy
5. SDI and interoperability
6. Historical GIS: cartography and historical toponymy
7. Geo(big)data, GeoAnalytics, decision support systems
8. Location-Based Services and Web Mapping
9. BIM and H-BIM (Historical/Building Information Modeling).
10. Geomatics and curricular and professional training
11. Institutional space programs and activities of space agencies (ASI, ESA, DLR, CNES, ..): services, research opportunities and experiences

1. Cultural heritage and landscape
2. Forests
3. Precision agriculture
4. Coastal and marine environment
5. Structures and infrastructures
6. Urban environment and cities
7. Cryosphere
8. Natural hazards and emergencies
9. Spatial planning for smart and sustainable cities
10. Official cartography and public administration
11. Maritime, military and technical cartography


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