2 luglio 2021 – Sessione 1
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2 luglio 2021 – Sessione 1

11.00 – 12.00, REGISTRATI per ricevere il link della sessione

Programma degli interventi

– A low-cost GNSS prototype for tracking runners in RTK mode: comparison with running watch performance

– Geomatics for terrain’s deformation monitoring: the H2020 LiquefACT field trial in Pieve di Cento, Italy

– Performance of dual-frequencies low-cost GNSS sensors for real time monitoring

– Comparative analysis of photogrammetric 3D models: comparison between direct processing of sensor RAW data and RGB images after raw-conveter processing

– Definition of the local geoid undulation using non-contemporary GNSS-levelling data on subsidence area: application on the Adriatic coastline

– Analysis of geospatial behaviour of visitors of parks: is positioning via smartphones a valid solution?

– “Bronzi di Riace” Geomatics Techniques in Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage Dissemination

– Geomatics and Soft Computing techniques for road in-frastructure monitoring